houston food truck murder arrest 2

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HOUSTON, TX –  The second suspect in the capital murder of a food truck operator in northwest Harris County is now in custody.

Adrian Gomez was arrested in Madisonville at around 5:30am Wednesday, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Officials say he was sitting outside a closed business and caught the attention of an officer there. The officer ran a background check and found that he was wanted in Harris County.

Earlier this month, another suspect, John Ray Aycock, was arrested by the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders and Fugitive Task Force and is currently in the Harris County Jail. He’s being held without bond.

Both Gomez and Aycock are charged with capital murder for the October 12 slaying of Lorenzo Juan Vasquez, who was operating a food truck. Officials say the murder happened while the Gomez and Aycock were robbing Vasquez.

Prosecutors tell us Aycock pretended to be buying food and at that time while Gomez shot Vazquez in the head. Police say Aycock stayed behind until police arrived and even went as far as identifying his accomplice, Gomez, as the killer.

“Officers learned through their investigation that there was another food truck in the same area that had been robbed,” said Harris County prosecutor Mary McFaden. “They were able to obtain surveillance footage of that robbery and they were able to learn that Mr. Aycock had taken part in the robbery along with Mr. Gomez. They then went back and talked to Mr. Aycock who fully confessed to being a part of both robberies.”

Gomez will be transfered to the Harris County Jail.

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