Another Texas city is looking to expand into the mobile food industry. Rapidly cities across the Lone Star state are welcoming food trucks, and we can’t say it enough…Welcome!!!

SHERMAN, TX – Sherman’s regulations on mobile food vendors could soon be changing, as city staff is working on an ordinance that would rewrite the city’s regulations with an eye on bringing a food truck area to the city.

Development Services Director Scott Shadden began looking into the regulations for food trucks at the request of Sherman City Council member Kevin Couch, who said he’d heard requests for the mobile eateries from multiple members of the community.

“This is something they’d like to do in a type of yard that is specifically dedicated to that,” Couch said. “I’ve even talked to downtown restaurant owners about possible competition and they’re excited about it because it just further validates more people coming downtown to a central place to get food. These restaurants are excited to get more people down there.”

In addition to food trucks that park and serve food directly to consumers in a specific designated area, Shadden said the mobile food vendors ordinance would also cover catering trucks and ice cream trucks.

“We’ve reviewed ordinances from several cities from the Metroplex up to this area,” Shadden said. “And we’ve found that a lot of cities require liability insurance and background checks for people operating these trucks. We found that to be a good thing.”

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