Introducing a new way to build relationships. It’s new. It’s refreshingly unique. It costs significantly less than traditional POS systems and it’s completely mobile.

ISISPOS now provides Sizzler’s with the POS technology to create exciting new food trucks that bring a fresh flavor to the streets. The delicious food trucks—made possible by ISISPOS technology—are providing people with what they love most: tasty and natural food.

One unit is already in the streets, testing the gut of hungry customers. “It’s a fun way to re-introduce people to Sizzler,” says Kerry Kramp, chief executive of Sizzler’s. “If they think we’re cool enough to do great food on a food truck, they may think we’re cool enough to check out our restaurants.”

“New technology has been a game changer, allowing trucks to pick up and move to where the customers are on short notice using Twitter to post messages on followers’ cell phones, alert customers of their whereabouts and even ask for tips on parking spaces. Included in all this is the new POS app from ISISPOS,” says Scott Forrestall CEO of ISISPOS.

ISISPOS’s technology not only helped Sizzler’s truck get off the ground, but they are starting a revolution in the way restaurants build relationships. They put something better on the menu for the food service industry. It’s a new type of restaurant called ISISPOS and it changes the way restaurant owners, managers, front-of-the-house staff and back-of-the-house staff all interact with customers, each other, and their restaurant software.

The idea of running a Sizzler truck grew after the chain’s chief executive, Kerry Kramp, saw people wait for nearly an hour to get food from vendors parked along Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice.

The new breed of lunch truck is aggressively gourmet, tech-savvy and politically correct. The Green Truck, which sells “sustainably harvested” fish tacos, roams the streets of Los Angeles in vehicles fueled by vegetable oil. The Dessert Truck in New York is owned by a former Le Cirque pastry sous chef who donates proceeds from desserts such as a pavlova with red fruit gelée to charity. In the San Francisco Bay area, the RoliRoti rotisserie truck serves free-range chicken, heritage pork and local lamb, prepared by owner Thomas Odermatt, a Swiss former organic farming student whose business card reads “Rotisseur.”


ISISPOS is the perfect recipe for restaurant success. What do you get when you throw restaurant software developers, businessmen with respect for the bottom line and folks with decades of restaurant experience into the kitchen? You get a totally innovative, totally amazing product and service designed to make restaurants better, more productive, more profitable and more successful than ever. ISISPOS is a brand new iPad based restaurant POS system that works out of the box. And just like the iPad it runs on, the restaurant POS system is also incredibly easy-to-use. No learning curve. No complex staff training to worry about. Just launch the app and go. Servers love the simplicity. Owners and management love what it does for sales. For something that costs a lot less, you’d be surprised to learn that ISISPOS iPad for is full of features, easy to use and totally wireless.

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