LOS ANGELES, CA – Get ready, because Sodexo and LMU Hospitality are officially coming out with their own food truck.

The “Hungry Lion” food truck has arrived at LMU and is awaiting its final touches on menu and design before opening for business. Ray Dennis, the associate vice president of Auxiliary Management and Business Services, confirmed that once it is finished, it will have nine official stops on campus and will be available for on campus events.

Laura Kissinger, marketing manager of LMU Hospitality by Sodexo, explained that the menu will have a three week rotation of its food options, and that will appeal to college staple foods and current food trends. Kissinger said that some of the foods currently in production are “vegan ‘chicken’ wings, ice cream sandwiches, mac and cheese bowls and Hawaiian food.”

Even with all of these details — and admittedly delicious-sounding food — it’s hard to pin down how I feel about the food truck. As someone who’s lived off campus for over a year now, I’m rarely tempted to go to The Lair for meals. But, its convenience is very useful as a busy student. My main concern is that I love the variety of vendors that frequent the LMU campus — like The Grilled Cheese Truck, Dogtown Dogs, and Baby’s Badass Burgers —and what they have to offer. I just hope that the introduction of this truck into LMU’s rotation doesn’t mean that these options are eliminated.

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