CASPER, WY – As the chilly weekend began, customers drifted into Frontier Brewing Company for beer and some local music.

One stopped just out front of the downtown Casper brewery, where the Smoked N Tender big, red food truck was parked along East Second Street. She grabbed some barbecue before heading inside.

“I love what our downtown is doing,” said Shauna Hult after she ordered a brisket and chips.

This scene has been playing out regularly at Frontier Brewing Company since its August opening. Food trucks park in front of the brewery’s downtown location, allowing patrons to enjoy hot food with their locally brewed beers and entertainment.

When the city set out roughly a decade ago to revitalize its downtown, officials hoped for nights like these, with energy and excitement in an area that was once quiet on weekends. But while food trucks can be fun for some, they’re presence along East Second Street has divided downtown merchants. Some, like the owners of Frontier, say food trucks are contributing to a more vibrant, lively downtown. But other merchants complain the food trucks are taking up valuable parking and keeping away customers.

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