SOUTH BEND, IN – City leaders hope to give a high-octane boost to downtown’s food truck scene by tweaking the city’s 2-year-old food truck ordinance.

The Common Council Monday is slated to give first reading to an ordinance that would extend from four to eight hours the time that a food truck can park in one spot downtown. It would also allow vendors to obtain shorter, cheaper licenses so that they can try the area out before deciding whether to pay the $525 annual fee.

Vendors could pay $50 for one day, $130 for 30 days or $200 for three months.

When the council passed the ordinance in 2015, long after food trucks had taken hold in larger cities across the country, members realized the need to possibly make adjustments later in response to feedback from vendors, said council President Tim Scott, D-1st.

“We’re just trying to be a little more business-friendly to the food trucks,” Scott said, adding that he hopes the changes will draw more of them.

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