If you create it, they will come. South Bend is a great example of a city creating a welcoming environment for vendors. Not only are the food truck owners looking to forward to Spring, but so are the people of the city. Win Win!!!

SOUTH BEND, IN — We will soon see food trucks finally hit the streets of South Bend.

The Common Council passed an ordinance in September that added food trucks to the list of allowable businesses, and now some established restaurants and new ventures say they will have trucks out early next year.

The only thing that stopped them from coming earlier were the fees, said Michelle Adams, who handles business licensing for the city. The ordinance established an annual $525-per-truck fee to be paid to the city, but trucks also have to obtain a food service permit through the St. Joseph County Health Department.

The city prorates its fees, Adams said, but the county does not. Many people interested in running a food truck have been in to learn more, she said, but did not want to pay a full-year fee when 2016 was right around the corner. As a result, all opted to wait.

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