BLUFFTON, SC – The town of Bluffton could revisit an ordinance that limits mobile vendors like food trucks.

Town Council heard Tuesday from planning and community development manager Kevin Icard, who asked if the town wants to see any changes as part of the 2017-18 strategic action plan, which calls for reviewing multiple ordinances.

The ensuing debate concerned the competition mobile vendors could create for existing restaurants.

Councilman Harry Lutz said he doesn’t want to make any decisions that would take away from local businesses, while Fred Hamilton asked, “What if it is not competing?”

“This is far from the norm, but I’m going to ask council: Let us hear the pros and cons from public comments before we make any decisions,” Hamilton said.

Several Bluffton business owners and out-of-town mobile vending unit owners gave their perspectives in three-minute public comment allotments.

The current ordinance allows for mobile vendors on private property on Calhoun Street north of Bridge Street, May River Road and in the neighborhood core historic district. Vendors must be associated with a licensed facility in Bluffton and use a trailer instead of a motorized vehicle.

“Right now, if you have a food truck, it is not allowed,” Icard said. “If you have a trailer that is attached to a vehicle, that would be allowed and then you would have to detach it from the vehicle wherever you are located.”

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