AUSTIN, MN – In recent years, chefs across America have sparked a trend of infusing their menu with both classic and creative fan-favorite entrees, featuring the iconic SPAM® brand. This week, the coast-to-coast SPAMERICAN™ Tour will kick off in Los Angeles with Food Network Chef Sunny Anderson unveiling a special menu and, as the truck travels to popular events across the country, features partnerships with local chefs from L.A. to Charlotte and everywhere in between. At each of the 12 stops, fans will enjoy a signature recipe from Anderson, alongside SPAMTASTIC™ creations from local chef partners, all while experiencing a taste of the brand’s fun-loving personality and learning about its history, versatility and cultural impact.

“We discovered love for the brand popping up all over the U.S., from diners in the midwest serving SPAM® and eggs, to trendyManhattan hot spots featuring SPAM® Musubi.” said Nicole L. Behne, Marketing Director, Grocery Products Division. “With the SPAMERICAN™ Tour, we have set out to share these delicious SPAM® recipes with America and celebrate the chefs who serve them.”

While the truck makes its way across the country, signature menu items will be unveiled featuring unique dishes created by the locally based chefs, including a delicious Kimchi SPAM® Musubi Croissant by Chef Sharon Wang in L.A., a SPAMmy Tot by Chef Robert Lam of San Francisco, and a SPAM® & Jack Pretzel Sandwich by Chicago’s Chef Kevin Hickey. Long-time brand fan, Sunny Anderson, created a Coconut SPAM® Spears with Spicy Pineapple Chutney dish which will be a mainstay on the menu throughout the tour.

“For many years now, I have been a fan of the SPAM® brand; its flavor and versatility lends itself to so many different cooking styles and recipes,” said Sunny Anderson. “The SPAMERICAN™ Tour brings together such a unique curation of SPAM® dishes and is a celebration of the iconic taste that Americans and chefs, like myself, have grown to love.”

Fans can find the SPAMERICAN™ Tour truck at a variety of popular events over the summer including the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, Denver’s Cinco De Mayo Festival and the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Beyond enjoying a variety of SPAM® dishes, fans will have the chance to learn interesting brand trivia, see one-of-a-kind SPAM® brand-themed art, and even enjoy musical performances with instruments made out of recycled SPAM®cans.

SPAMERICAN™ Tour Schedule:

  • Los Angeles, April 15-20
    Featured Event: Toyota Grand Prix, April 17 – 19
      Sharon Wang, Sugar Bloom Bakery
  • San Francisco, April 23-26
    Featured Event: San Francisco Giants Baseball, April 23
      Robert Lam, Butterfly
  • Denver, May 2-5
    Featured Event: Cinco De Mayo Denver, May 2 – 3
    Adam Weidert, Canteen Tap House and Tavern
  • San Antonio, May 9-11
    Featured Event: Six Flags Fiesta Texas, May 9
    Quely Watson, Hot Joy
  • Tulsa, May 14-15
    Featured Event: Tulsa Mayfair, May 14 – 15
  • Atlanta, May 22-27
    Featured Event: Jazz Festival, May 22 – 24
    Jim Stacy, Palookaville
  • Jacksonville, May 31-June 3
    Featured Event: Jacksonville Suns Baseball, June 1
    Korey Konopasek, Epik Burger
  • Nashville, June 8-14
    Featured Event: CMA Festival, June 11 – 14
    Hanna Lee, Soy Teriyaki Bistro
  • Charlotte, June 18-20
    Featured Event: Charlotte Knights Baseball, June 20
  • Washington DC, June 24-28
    Featured Event: Safeway BBQ Battle, June 27 – 28
    Anthony Hoang, PhoWheels
  • Philadelphia, July 2-4
    Featured Event: WAWA Welcome America Festival, July 2 – 4
    Scott Schroeder, American Sardine Bar & South Philly Tap Room
  • Chicago, July 8-15
    Featured Event: Taste of Chicago, July 8– 12
    Kevin Hickey, Bottlefork & Duck Inn

For more information about the SPAMERICAN™ Tour schedule and stops, please check out, and join in the #SPAMCan conversation at,, or@SPAMBrand on Instragram.