SPRINGFIELD, IL – A new ordinance is expected soon in the City of Springfield that would put restrictions on food trucks.

Traditional brick and mortar businesses are finding themselves in a different kind of competition – competing for customers against food trucks.

“I welcome these food vendors into our city,” said a co-owner of Godfather’s Pizza Mike Monseur who says he has had trouble with food trucks in the past. He continued to say, “I want them to thrive. I want them to have a booming business. I just want them to respect mine.”

Monseur and his team at Godfather’s Pizza say they have had food trucks come onto their lot without their consent. Leaving them a mess which could get them in trouble with the city.

“I think we do need to regulate,” said Springfield Ward 6 Alderman Cory Jobe who is the author of the ordinance. He continued to say, “We regulate business and industry all day long – that is the role of government – and I do feel that there is a concern in terms of where they are locating. The approximate feet and footage from a restaurant.”

The main focus of the ordinance would be to keep food trucks a minimum of 1000 feet away from a restaurant. However, it also allows them to expand their hours of operation. Essentially, giving them the chance to cater to a new customer base.

“You have got a food truck vendor that may want to set up late at night after the bars close. Right now we are not fully addressing that,” said Jobe.

Food truck operators say they welcome the oversight as long as it keeps business fair.

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