SPRINGVILLE, UT – The food truck craze is making its way to Springville, and the City Council is preparing.

The council discussed Tuesday changing current laws to better regulate the rising trend in food on wheels. Springville currently has no ordinances specifically addressing food trucks.

“The food truck craze has been big for a while,” said John Penrod, Springville city attorney.

Some of the valley’s food trucks come to Springville occasionally, including Springville’s own doughnut truck, Art City Donuts. But most food trucks operate in Springville only when they are invited or on private property. Current city laws do not allow food trucks to park in public areas, Penrod said.

He said the council needs to answer questions surrounding food truck laws they plan to implement in the future. Those questions include whether the city will allow food trucks in public areas, on what streets they will be permitted, and how close they can be to a restaurant.

City regulations throughout the valley range from a simple restriction from sidewalks to requiring criminal background checks for drivers and specifying dimensions attached to food vehicles.

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