STAMFORD, CT – Layla Dam has many complaints about the food trucks that operate outside her Bedford Street cafe, including the ketchup she has found smeared on the windows.

“We’ve had fights break out in front of Lorca,” she said. “We’ve had people passed out in our doorway at 6 a.m. We’ve had our windows broken because of people who are unruly and visiting these food trucks.”

There’s also garbage strewn in the streets and overflowing in trash receptacles and cars that hog the spaces in front of her business for up to 30 hours so the mobile vendors can take them at night, she said.

“When you get a cup of coffee you want to park, run in and run out,” Lorca’s owner said. “It prevents us from doing any sort of business.”

Dam is one of several Bedford Street business owners who claim the food trucks that descend on the restaurant row at night have harmed their bottom line.

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