NEW YORK, NY – According to the latest monthly report from American Express Market Briefing, food trucks are continuing their rise in popularity. The October issue tracking restaurant and foodservice trends compared food truck usage over the past three years, based on research by Technomic.

Of today’s consumers, just under one-third (32%) say that they have visited a mobile food truck for a meal or snack within the past three months. The proportion of diners who patronize food trucks has grown accordingly with the overall growth of the food truck phenomenon in the past year and its proliferation to new markets, says the report. For comparison, in July 2013, only one-fifth of consumers (21%) reported having visited a food truck recently — slightly lower than July 2012’s 26%.

However, the report points out that the most recent poll occurred in September, whereas the previous years’ polls were in July. With food trucks seen as a largely a warm-weather phenomenon, at least in northern climates, it’s possible that those polled most recently have had more opportunities to enjoy this summertime custom.