The Chicago Top Chef to open pop up food truck

According to her website, Chef Izard is planning to hit the streets of Chicago in a food food truck to mark the beginning of her 15 city book tour. Not only will she be selling soup and bread, she also provide customers the change to receive a free meal if they purchase one of her new books. See details below.


in case you don’t make it to the book launch party tomorrow night, come find me thursday hanging out with my friends from lillie’s q as we head out on my first food truck adventure. after spending some time on gaztro-wagon, i thought it might be fun to take the goat to the streets for a one day party before i hit the road for my 15 city book tour. when my friend charlie from lillie’s q told me he was launching his own food truck, it all seemed to fall into place. come meet us in the loop for lunch and when you buy a cookbook, you get your meal free. we thought, with the cold weather coming, a nice hot soup would be just the thing people would crave… no one expected sunny & 75 degrees, but it will still be a hearty lunch paired with fresh bread baked by our artisan goat bread-maker. or, if you can’t get away for lunch, you can find us in the west loop later that night with friends from gaztro-wagon & flirty cupcakes. more details to come regarding times, locations & whatever else we come up on twitter at @stephandthegoat. see you there!

As we find out more information we will share it with you.