We are glad to see that this vendor was able to track down their food truck. Hopefully the police will be able to track down the criminals that stole it and will be able to recover all of the stolen equipment.

CHARLOTTE, NC – A stolen food truck was recovered Thursday morning in west Charlotte.

The Philly Italian Ice and Mobile Eatery food truck was found stripped of everything, even the generator. Even all of the writing has been pulled off as well, according to the owners.

No charges have been made so far, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

The local food truck owner was in for quite a surprise Tuesday morning. After taking the holiday weekend off, their truck was stolen from storage.

The food truck was parked at a public storage facility in northeast Charlotte on Thursday, May 26.

Jill Young and her husband enjoy serving their famous Italian ice, so they travel around the state in their brightly colored food truck.

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