OSCEOLA COUNTY, FL – Kissimmee police make an unusual find in the backyard of a home – a stolen food truck, on top of a trailer buried in the ground.


A stolen trailer is unearthed in Kissimmee backyard

Investigators said the truck and a trailer were found behind a home on Manor Drive. They said one truck was buried with the other on top of it.

Detectives said the investigation began when police were investigating stolen food trucks from nearby businesses.

“Well we were looking for a stolen trailor from “Clay and Sons” and we got a tip that this trailer might be in front of this house and there it was,” said Stacie Miller with Kissimmee Police.  “And once we found that trailer, we found a bigger trailer in the backyard. It was a food truck-type trailer.”

Then investigators got quite the surprise when they noticed underneath that trailer was another stolen trailor buried underneath it.

“He had this crane and he worked there for about three weeks  and just digging and digging and digging,” said neighbor Betty Ryan. “He’d be up high over the fence and then I couldn’t see him at all.”

Police say the man told them he was building a doomesday-type bunker. They say while “preparing for the worst” isn’t a crime, using stolen items to do it is.

So far there have been no arrests.

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