RENO, NV – For Stephon VanDyke, his food truck was his life.

Ten years ago he started Stephon’s Mobile Bistro. The home-style food spot – most famous for its Woody Burger – would often be parked near downtown bars with VanDyke behind the counter, ready to serve.

However, VanDyke said he won’t be back in service anytime soon.

When VanDyke went to pick up his truck Wednesday, it was gone. The contents of his truck – including his business license and other paperwork – were found in nearby dumpsters, but the truck was still missing, he said.

According to VanDyke, his son found the truck listed on Craigslist. VanDyke contacted the police who were able to track down the truck at a lodge near the intersection of Plumb Lane and Virginia Street.

The Reno Police Department was not available for comment at the time of publication.

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