SEATTLE, WA – A sharp eye and a KOMO News Facebook post helped find a missing food truck Tuesday that carries the name of one of Seattle’s most famous restaurants.

A food truck belonging to Ezell’s Famous Chicken was stolen sometime between Saturday and Tuesday morning. The truck was last seen on Saturday, but when employees went to pick it up Tuesday, it was gone, said Phylicia Davidson, one of the restaurant’s owners.

The equipment in the truck, including high-end deep fryers, is valued at $90,000, Davidson said. It would have taken at least 90 days to custom build a new truck — not nearly soon enough for their busy summer schedule.

Thankfully, the truck turned up in a SoDo parking lot Tuesday afternoon. A woman who had seen a post about the theft on KOMO’s Facebook page spotted the truck and and took to social media to alert Ezell’s.

While everyone is thankful the truck was found, it wasn’t all good news. The thieves made off with three propane tanks and managed to strip the steel doors off cabinets inside the truck. They tried to get the fryers, but weren’t able to.

But, not being particularly smart, the thieves left a buffet of their own evidence inside the truck. Police recovered a ski cap and a number of usable fingerprints.

Kent and Seattle police say they’re investigating the theft but don’t have any information about possible suspects.

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