This week’s episode of the Great Food Truck Race brought the six remaining food truck contestants to Amarillo, Texas. This season is using a new format where instead of the contestants being established food truck owners, each of the eight sets of contestants are novices with absolutely no food truck experience. In fact, some of the competitors have no professional cooking experience at all. Consequently, along with a $50,000 prize, the winning team of this season will be given a brand new food truck to help them start their business.

Spoiler Alert!!!


On their trek from Flagstaff to Amarillo, most of the remaining teams planned their strategies based on mistakes they had made the previous two episodes. Once they reached Amarillo, the contestants met with host Tyler Florence who presented a new twist to the competition. That is, the trucks would be featured in the parking lot of Amarillo’s minor league baseball stadium. Additionally, teams would be given 20 seconds to pitch their truck and their menu in an attempt to draw spectators to their trucks. This week they were given $500 of seed money to purchase their food supplies.

While shopping, Tyler called the teams to give them their first Truck Stop. This would challenge the teams to create a “ballpark special” that would be judged by a ballpark executive.

At the game, Momma’s Grizzly Grub featured tacos, Seoul Sausage fried rice balls, Coast of Atlanta made catfish with a peach lemonade, and Nonna’s Kitchen a homemade Italian meatball sandwich. Pizza Mike’s would stick with their traditional Italian sandwich and Pop-a-Waffle a waffle topped with dulce de leche.

The Truck Stop

When the judge stopped by the food trucks, he enjoyed most the ballpark specials from Coast of Atlanta and Seoul Sausage. This week, however, Seoul Sausage was deemed the winner of the Truck Stop. The reward was $500 to put in their till, and a key that would be worn around their neck. They were told they’d find out what the key was for later.

The Game

At the game, the teams really stirred up the fans to come to their trucks. Thus, they were really moving their food. Pizza Mike’s however would make a grave mistake by not having enough product and ended up closing before their time or the crowd was gone.

Day 2

The second day in Amarillo, the teams had to find a place to park their trucks. Pizza Mike’s found a dog lover’s event in a park; Coast of Atlanta, Pop-a-Waffle, Momma’s Grizzly Grub and Seoul Sausage would all end up in the same place near a grocery store. Nonna’s Kitchen parked near a hardware store. At the beginning of the second day the five teams were separated by only $400.

Speed Bump

For the second speed bump, the teams would get a boot on their vehicle, making it impossible to move for the remainder of weekend. Teams were informed there would be another baseball game that night but couldn’t remove the boot. That is, except Seoul Sausage who had won the key to their boot in the first speed bump competition.

With Coast of Atlanta, Pop-a-Waffle and Seoul Sausage being grouped together, competition became stiff. In fact, Seoul Sausage seemed to draw most of the customers leaving Coast of Atlanta really worried. Nonna’s Kitchen also seemed to be faring well. With the dog event ending, Pizza Mike’s would struggle to find customers.

When things slowed down in the grocery store parking lot, Seoul Sausage removed their boot and headed to the baseball game. Nonna’s Kitchen sold so much in their location they’d have to go to the store to buy more ingredients.


At elimination number three, contestants were told they’d made over $21,000 in Amarillo. Each team did well but still one team would be sent home. For the third time in a row Seoul Sausage came in first place. In second place was Momma’s Grizzly Grub, third place Nonna’s Kitchen and in fourth place Pop-a-Waffle. The bottom two this week would be Coast of Atlanta and Pizza Mike’s. In the end Pizza Mike’s was sent home and Coast of Atlanta would go on in the Great Food Truck Race.

Next week’s program continues to take the competitors East as the contestants head to Fayetteville, Arkansas.