STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Eating airport food is usually not a decision most people are willing to do by choice, but Stockholm Arlanda Airport is hoping to change all that by proving just how far food in airports has come.

Arlanda Food Trucks

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As part of their latest marketing initiative, the company has introduced Arlanda Food Trucks & Co to bring the best meals directly to Stockholm residents inside the city. Their options include lasagna, risotto, ramen soup with wasabi-marinated smoked salmon, pulled pork, and oven-braised veal.

All of the meals on offer are prepared in the truck, but any dish you can buy from the truck, is also available from one of Arlanda’s fifty restaurants and bars. The food truck is only open at lunch time, and you can buy any of the meals for just $10.

As reported by Skift, Michael Persson Gripkow, chief commercial and marketing officer at Swedavia, said:

Above all, we hope we can inspire more people to get to the airport well in advance to discover the broad array of food on offer.

Airports in the US have begun allowing local food trucks to open in cell phone lots and even some in the airport terminals, mainly as a way to showcase local cuisine and improve the airport experience. Air France has even used food trucks to showcase the cuisine they serve from their flights, but this appears to be the first instance when airports have looked to go outside their own walls and offer up food to local residents.