SYRACUSE, NY – Fewer than ten vendors showed up today to compete for a chance to secure one of the nearly 50 spots the city has reserved for hot dog carts and food trucks in 2015.

The low turnout comes as some of the vendors are complaining that the city needs to expand the choice of permitted locations, especially for food trucks, and perhaps streamline the system.

The city’s annual “hot dog cart lottery” — a name that predates the recent increase of food trucks and trailers — awarded six locations, four to hot dog carts and two to food trucks.

The lottery had about 40 available cart locations — typically on sidewalks and plazas — but just seven truck/trailer parking locations on streets. An eighth truck spot, near Walnut and Washington streets, may be added by the Common Council later today.

The awarded spots went to vendors who paid a $500 to participate. City officials drew the names of those participants to determine who got to pick a spot first.

Vendors are still able to choose unclaimed spots. The fee to obtain a permit ranges from $1,500 for prime locations, to $1,000 or $500 for more remote locations. (For lottery participants, the $500 lottery fee is folded into the total).

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