TACOMA, WA – In a world where consumers expect culinary excellence, affordability and expedience all in one convenient package, food trucks reign supreme. Offering top quality cuisine on a dime, these mobile restaurants give new meaning to the word accessibility. However, while cities like Portland and Seattle have led the way as hubs for street-side fare for years, Tacoma has taken a bit longer to hop aboard the bite-sized bandwagon.

With strict municipal laws and one of the toughest health departments in the state, it wasn’t always easy for forward-thinking chefs and entrepreneurs to go mobile in the City of Destiny. That is, until a couple years ago when the Tacoma City Council passed laws making it easier to own and operate food trucks within the city limits.

With a wave of people eager to fill Tacoma’s roads with mouth-watering street food, culinary professors at Bates Technical College rolled up their sleeves to create one of the only food truck training programs in the country.

It was about a year ago when Bates Technical College President, Ron Langrell, shared his idea for a food truck program with culinary instructors Roger Knapp and J.J. Meland. Both chefs agreed it would be a great way to expand the culinary program, and the instructors hit the ground running.

To learn more about Bates Technical College’s Culinary Arts program and Mobile Food Cook program, visit Bates Technical College’s website or call the college at 253-680-7000. Want to find out where Curbside Urban Cuisine will be next? Follow the mobile food truck on Facebook.

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