PFLUGERVILLE, TX – The food truck craze has swept through Austin and the country, and now it has hit a public school in Texas for the first time.

The Pflugerville Independent School District solicited advice from students, the district’s dietitian and its food vendor, Aramark to come up with a food trailer concept. The truck is called the Talon Taco Company, named after the Hendrickson High School mascot, the hawk.

“This was really our end result of our goal to transform school lunch into something really exciting for the kids,” said Linley Danner, PISD’s registered dietitian.

The taco truck is a big draw for students and also alleviates space in a crowded school cafeteria dealing with spiking enrollment.

“Since the food truck came here people have been more excited for lunch, and they are more enthusiastic about it,” said Yvonne Lising, a junior at Hendrickson High School.

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