We were notified of this post by it’s author mvfoodblog over on Twitter and with their approval, we will share this SoCal mobile food truck review with our readers.


I was driving home and heard about this truck on a local radio station. It got voted 2nd place at the OC Foodie Fest as Most Popular Food Trucks. It is an ice cream sandwich shop on wheels. The representative mentioned  different types of cookies and ice creams that were available to choose from.

Moo-lan Rouge was among one of the favorite combos. All I heard was red velvet. OMG, anyone who knows me knows that I am red velvet anything and everything.. I LOVE red velvet. I know we’re not supposed to use any electronic device while driving, but I could not resist. I NEEDED to know what this truck offered and where they were going to be next! They had a lot of different combos to choose from which were cleverly named. Bahama Mama, Nutty Wutty, Minteroni, Old School and Goober Doober just to name a few. You could also pick any cookies you wanted with any ice cream as well.

We were finally able catch them on a  Tuesday night. This truck along with a few others were at the Lake Forest bowling alley. This was the first on my list, what we drove 50 miles for!  The cold weather must’ve repelled people from going because there wasn’t much of a line. Not more than 3 people were ahead of us. We ordered 3 types of sandwiches.

The first,  Chocolate Heaven, chocolate brownie cookies with vanilla bean ice cream. Second, the Mumbo Jumbo, chocolate brownie cookies with peanut butter cup ice cream.  Last but not least, the Moo-lan Rouge, red velvet cookies with white chocolate fudge macadamia ice cream. We didn’t have to wait long for our order.  I took a bite out of the Chocolate Heaven first.  Eh, I thought it was ok. The cookie didn’t taste like a brownie, it had a weird after taste and didn’t know what it was. It sort of tasted like there was a hint Chinese Five Spice. It just tasted funky. Then I took a bite out of the Mumbo Jumbo. The ice cream was good, you can really taste the peanut butter, but new I wasn’t going to like it if it was the same cookie used in the Chocolate Heaven. The moment of truth… On to my Moo-lan Rouge. I couldn’t wait to eat it! I took a bite of it. Blah!!! The cookie was a little too crisp. It tasted similar to a sugar cookie rather than what red velvet tastes like. The ice cream had little chunks of macadamias inside, so with the crunch from the cookie and the crunch from the nuts in the ice cream, it didn’t have texture and smoothness of your typical ice cream sandwich. I kept eating it as if my thoughts about it would change, but it didn’t. No taste of red velvet, no taste of fudge. It possibly would’ve been closer to a classic red velvet if they used a cheesecake ice-cream???

So what went wrong? Were the cookies overcooked by sitting under the heat lamp? Why weren’t the cookies warm if it had been sitting underneath the heat lamp? The idea of a mobile cookie sandwich truck is a wonderful idea. I really, REALLY wanted to like what we ordered, especially the Moo-lan-Rouge. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t delicious. This isn’t a truck I would stray away from or never go back to. There are too many choices that I still haven’t and want to try. I just wouldn’t drive all the way out there again for it. If it’s in the area, I would like to give it another try.

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