If you missed it, The Great Food Truck Race season 6 episode 5 aired Sunday night. Here’s the recap.


The show started off with the teams in Tulsa, OK.

The Great Food Truck Race season 3 remaining teams are:

  • GD Bro Truck(Orange County, CA)
  • Pho Nomenal Dumplings(Raleigh, NC)
  • Waffle Love(Provo, Utah)

Chef Florence kicks the episode off with a big twist. Since the teams are following historic route 66 Tyler explains to the teams that roadside marketing was the way the way businesses pulled travelers off the road and into their shops. The teams are forced to hand over their cell phones and told they were not to use any technology. The contestants were to build a roadside attraction to get their customers.

The trucks panicked since they are all so accustomed to being able to use social media, and their phones mapping features to determine where they would park and notify their customers where they would be. In addition to the attraction, the trucks would have to create a dish they would have to sell for  $15.

Pho Nomenal Dumplings created a five spice popcorn chicken w/ slaw dish that reminded them of the street vendors from Taiwan. The guys from GD Bros created a California chicken sandwich and Waffle Love sold their version of chicken and waffles.


The Guest Judge was Dick McGuire (president of the Route 66 Cruisers and former aeronautical engineer). After a slow morning, Tyler told the teams to meet him at a car show in town. When they arrived, they were told they would have 25 minutes to pitch their product to the car club members, but each of the club members would pay $25 for each of the meals they purchased, so it was import for the teams to market their dishes so they could make up for the lost sales they had already made.

The Waffle Love team blew out the other teams, but would it lead to another weekly win and guarantee their place in the finals?

The following day, the teams lined up to get the results from Tyler Florence as he announced their totals.

  • Waffle Love $5,150
  • Pho Nomenal Dumplings $5,107

The GD Bro team was the unfortunate loser this week and were sent packing. Now we know the two remaining teams in the finals, but who will win?

Next week’s stop? St. Louis, MO

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