Last night marked the return of The Great Food Truck Race and if the premiere of season 7 did anything else they showed that viewers have a lot of fun to look forward to.


The show starts outside of 6 Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California with introductions of the six teams that will participate in this cross country culinary contest.

The Great Food Truck Race season 6 teams are:

  • BigMista’s Fatty Wagon — Long Beach, CA
  • Carretto Siciliano — Staten Island, NY
  • Fortune Cooking — Livonia, MI, and Denver, CO
  • Grilled Cheese All-Stars – San Francisco and San Diego, CA
  • Lei-Away Leidies – Provo, UT, and Laie, HI
  • Sweet Southern Soul — Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA

Each of the teams has a fun and unique story and it’s hard to pick a favorite…so far. For the seventh season Tyler Florence hosts the program and welcomes the teams as they show up to the theme park.

Chef Florence kicks the episode off with an eating challenge. Before the contestants are allowed to take possession of their truck they must find their keys with a funnel cake eating contest. Once they pick up a plate with the key under it, they can go find their truck. Unfortunately for the Grilled Cheese All-Stars, it took 11 funnel cakes to find their key.

Once the teams find their trucks, they head into Los Angeles to sell their signature dishes. The first stop is at the grocery store. Most of the trucks had their shopping lists in order and were able to grab their food and head onto the streets of LA.

As with most seasons, these new truck owners have an idea how to cook food, but when it comes to finding great spots to park and make sales. One team Sweet Southern Soul run into issues when they have difficulty getting their flat top started.  Day one ends with most trucks looking at their tills and being disappointing. Especially Carretto Siciliano who had $68 dollars, but when they look up, they notice they recieved a parking ticket…for $68.


The trucks receiving prie is right challenge where Tyler offers a prime parking location at 6 Flags. The key was it was to be sold to the highest bidder. It started at $150. Carretto Siciliano finally won the bidding war at $400.


Early on, all of the trucks ran into issues find good locations. The Lei-Away Leidies tracked down The LA food truck Lobos Truck and ask if it would be alright to park next to them. The problem, once they pulled up, the see Fortune Cooking parked right where they were hoping.

Customers from each truck seemed happy, and the pricing from the trucks seemed reasonable. Grilled Cheese All-Stars  and Sweet Southern Soul head into Hollywood. Carretto Siciliano who has Vinnie from Jersey Shore fame on the team start to see the results of his “D-List” fame and people start lining up for his Mom’s family recipes.

At the end of the day, none of the teams feel great, but Fortune Cooking feels the worst because they hit two different food trucks when they parked on Wilshire Blvd.

With the teams lined up to get the results from Tyler Florence he announces their totals.

  • Carretto Siciliano: $219
  • Grilled Cheese All-Stars: $86
  • Sweet Southern Soul: $72
  • Lei-Away Leidies: -$18

The first elimination came down to BigMista’s Fatty Wagon and Fortune Cooking. Unfortunately, their bad ending on the second day showed up in the final results and Fortune Cooking was eliminated.

Next week’s stop? Oxnard, CA.

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