If you missed it, The Great Food Truck Race season 7 episode 2 aired Sunday night. Here’s the recap.


The show starts with the contestants in Oxnard, CA.

The Great Food Truck Race remaining season 7 teams are:

  • BigMista’s Fatty Wagon — Long Beach, CA
  • Carretto Siciliano — Staten Island, NY
  • Grilled Cheese All-Stars – San Francisco and San Diego, CA
  • Lei-Away Leidies – Provo, UT, and Laie, HI
  • Sweet Southern Soul — Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA

Chef Florence kicks the episode off with their first cooking test centered around one specific ingredient. The teams are to develop two dishes (one savory, one  sweet) from strawberries at the California Strawberry festival.

The teams jumped to it with $200 of seed money.

Tyler calls the trucks to notify them that Bonnie, a spokesperson from the festival would be swinging by each truck to taste their dishes. The winner will earn $300 for their till. After stopping by and tasting from each truck, she named two finalists, Grilled Cheese All-Stars and Sweet Southern Soul, The winner was Sweet Southern Soul, but will that keep them in the chase to remain in the contest?

Tension develops in the BigMista’s Fatty Wagon truck because they chose to park in the same lot as two other contestants. Grilled Cheese All-Stars have trouble with their pricing and can’t get organized inside the truck.

Day Two begins with most of the teams ending up at the exact same location so some rivalries form as all the trucks jockey for sales. BigMista’s Fatty Wagon runs into issues after over filling propane, so they can’t start cooking until they get a replacement. Once they get cooking, they send out a team member to poach customers from the other trucks. As you can guess, nobody was happy about it.

On elimination day the teams lined up to get the results from Tyler Florence as he announced their totals.

  • Lei-Away Leidies – $1,188
  • Carretto Siciliano — $878
  • Sweet Southern Soul — $731

The week’s elimination came down to Grilled Cheese All-Stars and BigMista’s Fatty Wagon. The difference in sales was a mere $125.  Unfortunately, their bad luck in finding customers led to BigMista’s Fatty Wagon being eliminated.

Next week’s stop? Santa Barbara Wine Country.

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