If you missed it, The Great Food Truck Race season 7 episode 3 aired Sunday night. Here’s the recap.


The show starts with the contestants in Solvang, CA.

The Great Food Truck Race remaining season 7 teams are:

  • Carretto Siciliano — Staten Island, NY
  • Grilled Cheese All-Stars – San Francisco and San Diego, CA
  • Lei-Away Leidies – Provo, UT, and Laie, HI
  • Sweet Southern Soul — Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA

Chef Florence started off the 3rd episode of season 7 of The Great Food truck Race in the California town of Solvang. Solvang is known for it’s complete embrace of Danish tradition and ostriches. The teams compete in an ostrich Easter egg hunt before they can hit the road and begin their prep and collect $300 in seed money.

The Sweet Southern Soul team finds their eggs first and is able to head for the grocery store. Just as in episode 1, the Grilled Cheese All-Stars fall behind and are the last team to find their ostrich eggs.

Now that all the teams have their eggs, they head to the store to collect their goods for sales in Solvang. Before leaving the store, the teams are notified that they must use a family recipe with the ostrich eggs they hunted earlier. The winner of this challenge will win immunity.

The trucks find huge numbers of customers, but still need to prep their dishes, so the lines start backing up. To help keep the consumers happy, the Carretto Siciliano team sends Vinnie out of the truck to entertain the crowd. It appears the truck vendors are getting the hang of running a food truck.

The teams are ringing up sales left and right, but each team is learning how to adjust on the fly. Carretto Siciliano boosts their prices while customers are watching so they can take advantage of the huge crowd. Tyler texts the teams that the winner of the challenge won’t be announced until the end of day 2.

Day Two begins with the trucks shortening their menus and prepping in bulk (finally). Chef Florence calls the teams to announce that they will need to get rid of their standard pots and pans and start cooking their dishes in a traditional Danish cast iron Aebleskiver pan. Each team appears to have issues with this challenge, but each pushes through until Tyler calls the teams to tell them they can quit using the pan with only 2 hours left to sell.

On elimination day the teams lined up to get the results from Tyler Florence as he announced their totals. The team that won immunity for next week based on the favorite ostrich eggs dish was Carretto Siciliano.

  • Carretto Siciliano — $3,409
  • Lei-Away Leidies – $3,130

The week’s elimination came down to Grilled Cheese All-Stars and Sweet Southern Soul. Grilled Cheese All-Stars had sales of $2,944.  Unfortunately, this meant the Sweet Southern Soul team was eliminated.

Next week’s stop? Palm Springs, CA.

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