Pray to the weather gods that Denver is blessed with balmy breezes this weekend, because the food trucks competing in season two of The Great Food Truck Race, the primetime Food Network series hosted by star chef Tyler Florence, are motoring into town on Saturday and possibly Sunday (along with a flurry of camera crews) — and it’s going to be street-food nirvana.

The eight-truck, six-week, six-city, cross-country culinary jaunt is all about which food truck warriors sling — and sell — the most grub through whatever means possible, and it behooves them to sell a shitload, because the truck that’s still rolling at the end of it all pockets a cool $50,000, while the other trucks hit the road…home.

We don’t have confirmation on the exact whereabouts of the trucks pulling up curbside, but we can tell you, that come Saturday and Sunday, when they’re in town, they’ll be parked at various locations throughout the city — everywhere from markets to bars to pet adoption centers — often joined by our own local food trucks. And if the stops in other cities are any indication of what we can expect, then be prepared for everything from rallies to circus performers.

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