When most trucks in the mobile food industry carry at least 1 ton of kitchen equipment and get gas mileage similar to a heavy duty commercial big rig, a restaurant owner in Austin Texas has gone the completely opposite direction by using a Smart Car as their food truck’s platform to deliver a Doner Kebap, or Turkish meat sandwich. The basic curb weight of this vehicle is 1,800 lbs.

Co-founders of The Verts Kebap restaurant; Domenik Stein and Michael Heyne, two German engineering students from the University of Texas, said they have a passion for street food and engineering, and they wanted to combine the two to compete in the Austin food truck market.

These two were able to fit refrigeration units, food warmers, sinks and a custom tent into their 2011 Smart Car, with a plan is to sell sandwiches for 90 minutes every day at one locations, then clean and re-stock the car at the restaurant before heading off to another location for another 90-minute stint.

Last week we reported on an all electric truck platform, and now with the Verts Kebap Truck navigating around Austin, there really are some fantastic ideas the mobile food industry can use to green itself.

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