It’s always fun when sites such as Mashable use the data we have generated. We were thrilled to see it used for this infographic on the spread of the mobile food industry.

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If the average person was told five years ago that she could nab a delicious and buttery lobster roll from a truck without getting food poisoning, she may have scoffed. Nowadays, chefs across the world are delivering some of the most scrumptious, affordable and delightfully fun food straight to the sidewalks — and social streams.

Although food trucks existed well before the early 2000s, many sources pinpoint 2008 as the unofficial onset of the food truck phenomenon. Since then, food truck entrepreneurs and chefs alike have used social media to familiarize the world with previously obscure flavors like grits or peppadew.

We’ve put together another tasty little treat for you: a visualization of the social food truck journey. Hitch a ride as we examine the roots of the industry and follow its acceleration all the way to the present, where it won’t be running out of gas anytime soon. Too many puns? All right, we’re done, so read on.



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