HAPPY VALLEY, OR – Suburban food-cart pod Happy Valley Station, on Southeast Sunnyside Road., is getting sued for almost $100,000 after a cart owner claimed pod owner Valerie Hunter was abusive, libeled her to other cart owners, charged her non-contractual fees when she didn’t open and held her cart hostage when she tried to leave the pod.

The lawsuit by Shanna Irvin and Melody Lydy of Rose City Waffles—now at Southeast Foster Road pod Carts on Foster—was filed in Clackamas County last week.

The suit alleges that after Lydy’s lease expired on December 31, 2016, Lydy attempted to remove her then-two food carts—Rose City Waffles and Frankly Delicious—but that Hunter prevented her from removing her property. According to the suit, Hunter told her, “I will let you know what your move out is.” The suit also alleges that Hunter contacted Lydy’s movers directly, telling them they would be “removed from the station by police” if they attempted to move Lydy’s carts.

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