Finally! A Toledo, OH councilman is proposing food truck legislation that might actually attract food trucks to the city downtown area. Up to this point, council members have only proposed legislation that keep trucks away from their restaurant owning constituent establishments. Over the years, there have been outright bans and suggested fees that were designed to out-price mobile food vendors. While this legislation has yet to get voted on, it’s a good first step for the citizens of Toledo.

TOLEDO, OH – Toledo Councilman Sandy Spang announced legislation Friday to require food trucks to register with the city.

The registration, which would cost $50 if approved by council, would require food truck operators to have a certificate of tax compliance on file with the city; a food establishment operation license; proof of a current Ohio vendors license, and proof of liability insurance of at least $1 million.

“It’s a very exciting business,” Phil Barone, the co-owner of Rolling Chef, Rosie’s Italian Grille said.

Barone is the owner of Rosie’s Italian Grille, but for the last three years, he and his chef have taken their talents on the road, in a food truck.

“I though this was a great way to be versatile,” Barone said.

He says business has been really good thanks to the mild winter. But if he plans to head to downtown Toledo, there will be some changes.

City council will review the legislation tomorrow for a possible vote Tuesday March 29th.

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