TRAVERSE CITY, MI –  “We just want to get this right.” – Bryan Crough, Downtown Development Authority. It has become the mantra for the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority. Take it slow. Get it right.

With that in mind, the DDA is asking City Commissioners for more time to submit a formal recommendation about allowing (or not allowing) food truck vendors within city limits.

“The DDA took action, saying we think there is an opportunity here, but we think we should be very careful about how we move forward. We would like to take 60 days to work on a resolution for City Commissioners,” Crough said.

The DDA’s request for more time will be presented to Commissioners on February 26. If commissioners accept their request, drafting new ordinances will be put on hold.

“This is a fairly significant issue that has ramifications on vitality, economic development, the health and well being of existing businesses and esthetics,” said Crough.

The Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce has not taken a position on the issue. It did send out a survey to Chamber members, asking if they think it is a good idea to open the city to outside vendors.

“More than 600 responded and more than 80% of the responses were very positive,” said President, Dough Luciani, Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce.

Luciani said there were also those who expressed concern. Some worry that food trucks will take business away from established restaurants. “There are those that are concerned about the viability of 54 restaurants located in a very tight area and dividing the pie even further,” Crough added.

It’s now up to City Commissioners to decide how to move forward.

Because their decision will have major implications, the DDA is urging one thing: stick to the mantra. “Go slow, get it right.”

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