turlock caTURLOCK, CA – With just one vote making the difference, the Turlock Planning Commission made their final decision to approve an amendment to the City’s zoning ordinance that places a ban on mobile food facilities within the downtown district.

Struggling with the decision over the past few months, the Planning Commission has been torn over whether or not they would continue allowing food trucks to operate in Downtown Turlock after members of the Turlock Downtown Property Owners Association requested that the City discontinue issuing the permits.

The issue first came to light after the City of Turlock issued a permit to vendor Christopher Shaun, who was set to operate his nutrition-based food truck Vida-Vital at the corner of Main Street and Broadway. After receiving the request from the TDPOA, the City Council opted to place a moratorium on food truck permits, bringing a halt to allowing any more food trucks from operating in the downtown core until the City had fully reviewed the ordinance. Although Shaun was allowed to receive his permit and operate at the location, continual setbacks have kept the young entrepreneur from starting up his business.

While the issue has been heavily contested by other local food truck vendors, including the owners of Saucy Girls, which also operates on Main Street, the commission and city staff have repeatedly reported that they have received only a few comments from members of the community who were in favor of food trucks operating in the district. Those who were opposed to allowing food trucks in downtown, however, have continually made their arguments known to the commission, citing unfair business advantages and health concerns among many reasons why the City should put a ban in place.

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