Tuscaloosa shows us the latest example of a feckless city council when it comes to the subject of food trucks. It’s not as though hundreds of  other cities across the country have figured out how to un-teather food trucks and provide the public with more food options. But why would you want to see what others have done when you can sit back, do nothing and at the same time, cater to your local restaurant owning constituents?

TUSCALOOSA, AL – Roughly a year after Birmingham food truck vendors expressed concerns over new ordinances dictating how and when they do business, the City of Tuscaloosa is in talks to implement a similar system.

The Tuscaloosa City Council this week decided to table a decision on whether to allow food truck vendors to operate downtown. Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox expressed doubts on a decision being made before summer.

Currently, food trucks can operate on private property in other areas of Tuscaloosa, but not downtown. The council was unable to decide how the city would enforce regulations after 5 p.m., specifically around Tuscaloosa’s Riverfront Overlay District, one of the city’s most popular destinations for foot traffic. The council told food truck operators to set up shop in areas of the city where restaurants are scarce, such as the city’s West End or Alberta.

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