twin falls idTWIN FALLS, ID – If you have a favorite food truck in Twin Falls, it might not be in its regular spot.

That’s because the Twin Falls City Council recently changed its ordinance on mobile food vendors.

“I don’t believe the city should have an ordinance like that. They are trying to make everyone who is stationary to go as restaurants,” says Smokey Folsome, owner of S&J Lunch Wagon.

Some food truck owners in Twin Falls aren’t very happy with City Council members.

Folsome has been running his business for more than six years.

He says the city shouldn’t be forcing trucks to move every day.

“I don’t believe they should have to move every night. The city is just sticking their noses in places they don’t belong,” he says.

The new ordinance now requires mobile food vendors to provide a summary of their locations throughout the year.

Owners will have to pay a one-hundred dollar permit fee; this replaces the quarterly fee of 50-dollars.

“It’s still a truck and it’s still mobile. They need to take the truck away when they’re not open,” explains Mitch Humble, community development director.

Discussions of local food trucks became an issue when one owner started disposing oil down city drains and on landscape.

“Part of the permit process now is if you have a grease producing use. You now have to submit a plan on how you will dispose of grease and write it out for us,” Humble says.

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