MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Representatives for the 80’s rock band Twisted Sister are demanding a Minneapolis food truck with a similar name, make a change because the band claims that people might confuse the two business entities.

twisted sister

Cody Allen runs the Twisted Sister House of Hunger food truck. The band Twisted Sister doesn’t like it at all. Lawyers for the band sent Allen a cease and desist order claiming consumer confusion hit the aging rockers in the pocketbook.

While Allen stated that they never refer to themselves as “Twisted Sister”, he feels that there is more to the suit than just the concern of confusion. “We definitely feel the big guys coming after the little guys,” the food truck operator said.

He has yet to make up his mind about backing down under this legal pressure. We will continue to report on this story as it progresses.

UPDATE: According to Wesley Kaake the co-owner of the food truck, the lead singer of the band, Dee Snider sent out a tweet that he is sorry, and that he’s only the lead singer, he’s not a part of management, and has nothing to do with this.

Twisted Sister Food Truck

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