CHICAGO, IL – According to the Chicagoist the is the exact same quote was given by two individuals running for separate ward alderman elections.

Ward 7 candidate Keiana Barrett and Ward 49 candidate Joe Moore were both quoted to say,

“ I would not support changing the law at this time. The law appears to be working and strikes a reasonable balance by legalizing food truck entrepreneurs and increasing consumers’ dining options while at the same time recognizing the important role that traditional restaurants play in Chicago’s economy.”

Our questions are, what outside group is giving these aldermen candidates their talking points? And why do they favor protectionist laws that have put a stranglehold on Chicago small businesses?

The Chicagoist article goes on to get answers from aldermen candidates on the current food truck regulations. Some are for repeal of Chicago’s archaic food truck law that has keep the mobile food industry from reaching its potential, while others are for the status quo.

Find the entire article at Chicagoist <here>