TYLER, TX – Tyler is working to tweak its food truck ordinance to make it friendlier to early mobile food entrepreneurs.

Next week, the Tyler City Council will consider making changes to the city’s unified development code, which essentially is the rulebook for development activity, including regulation related to zoning, permitting and subdivisions.

The measures have already been approved by the Tyler Planning and Zoning Commission.

Two of the changes relate to food trucks and food truck parks.

The first would allow food operators to be in a single place for up to six hours before being required to move. The current regulation requires food trucks to move at least 50 feet after three hours. The rule was originally intended to encourage competition in the Tyler market, but city officials said local operators felt the rule was too restrictive.

Allowing a truck to stay put for six hours would allow them to serve two meals – breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. It also would allow them to garner enough sales to make for a productive day, Planning Manager Kyle Kingma said.

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