TYLER, TX – The Tyler City Council will hear and possibly approve two measures on Wednesday morning to make it easier for food trucks to operate in the city.

The proposal includes allowing food truck parks into the city, where multiple food trucks would congregate in one place with appropriate seating. A minor food truck park would allow for two to four mobile food units in one place while a major park could have five or more, according to the city.

If approved, all food trucks would be required to get a transient vendor permit from the city and a mobile food establishment permit from the North East Texas Public Health District. Permits would be issued in six-month increments.

The council also will consider amending its streets and traffic city codes to allow for a one-year street vending pilot program that would bring food trucks to city streets in certain districts in the city.

Frozen dessert vendors would not need a mobile food permit and can sell on any city street so long as they are not hampering traffic, according to the proposed ordinance change.

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