SALT LAKE CITY, UT – When Adam Terry launched his first Waffle Love food truck in 2012, he assumed the business would succeed or fail based on the taste of his crispy, Belgian-style waffles.

He learned quickly that what really threatened his new business was keeping up with the costs of permits and regulations imposed by Utah city and county governments.

Waffle Love, which now has five food trucks, spends nearly $5,000 annually to buy 20 city business licenses, four yearly health department permits and six temporary health permits; the company pays an employee to keep up on the regulations and do all the paperwork, Terry told The Tribune. “It adds up after a while.”

To create awareness about the maze of regulations that Waffle Love and other Utah food trucks face, the Libertas Institute and the Food Truck League are sponsoring what they’ve dubbed the Rally for Food Truck Freedom on Wednesday at This Is the Place Heritage State Park in Salt Lake City.

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