SALT LAKE CITY, UT – A Utah Senate committee unanimously recommended a bill Wednesday intended to reduce regulatory burdens on food trucks.

Senate Bill 250, sponsored by Sen. Deidre Henderson, R-Spanish Fork, would allow a food truck to obtain a health or safety permit in one county, and have it be transferable to another county.

Currently, food trucks need different inspections, permits and licenses in nearly every city or county in which they operate.

Each city having its own regulations for food trucks to operate causes food trucks to have to adapt and get new licenses and health and fire inspections in every city, said Taylor Harris with the Food Truck League.

“A common platform to help them move around more easily would be helpful,” Harris said.

State standards for health and fire inspections can be developed so that those are taken care of, Henderson said.

Multiple food truck owners spoke at the committee meeting in favor of the bill.

Adam Terry, owner of Waffle Love, said he spends around $5,000 annually on fees and licensing requirements to operate his two food trucks, one of which operates in Utah County, the other in Salt Lake County.

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