SPANISH FORK, UT – Change is afoot in Spanish Fork that, with sufficient support, will allow food trucks to park on city property downtown.

Dave Anderson, Spanish Fork’s Community and Economic Development director, said a proposal crafted by city staff to make a change in the current regulations and allow food truck vendors to park on city streets in the downtown area will be on the agenda Tuesday for City Council approval.

And in his opinion, “I’d be really surprised if the proposal doesn’t pass,” he said.

Under the existing city regulation adopted approximately three years ago, food truck vendors must park on private property. As a result, Anderson explained they cannot park in places such as any city streets, parks, or the parking lot of the city office building.

Under the new regulations, vendors would be permitted to park on city property in downtown Spanish Fork. However, they would still have to park on private property outside of the downtown area, Anderson said.

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