Ramiro ArechigaVALLEJO, CA – A Vallejo man’s food truck was found by detectives in Napa and inside were his keys, money and cellphone, but there was no sign of the food truck operator and now his family is searching for him.

Ramiro Arechiga disappeared Monday after he dropped off his wife at the family’s pickup truck in a Napa business park following their lunch route, the same spot where detectives on Tuesday found the food truck.

Arechiga’s daughter Maria picked up her father’s cellphone Friday from the Sheriff’s Department in Napa.

She said her dad is a family man who has spent the past 15 years working in the truck six days a week.

“His family needs him terribly,” Maria Arechiga said. “He’s never wandered off, he’s a family man.”

The Sheriff’s Office said Arechiga was seen checking into a motel in Fairfield Monday night. A spokesman with the Sheriff’s Department said the department has classified Arechiga’s disappearance as voluntarily missing.

Chirs Mastenzo runs La Mexicana, a Napa Valley taco truck, and he is  friends with the missing man and taped a snapshot of Arechiga on his business. 

“He doesn’t drink,” said Chris Montanez. “No medical conditions, really calm.”

The Arechiga family is now asking for the public’s help in bringing their father home.

Arechiga is considered missing and is listed on a nationwide missing person database, Stuart said.

Ramiro Arechiga is described as 6′- 2″ , 200 pounds with brown eyes and dark brown hair. He speaks little English, Maria Arechiga said.