VANCOUVER, CANADA – Vancouver may be replete with food trucks offering every delicacy conceivable on our bustling city streets, but one new venture hopes to give busy Vancouverites the chance to eat healthy, fresh, and local – at home.

This week saw the roll-out of the FarmCity Fresh Cart, which offers a veritable cornucopia of fruit and vegetables, as well as eggs, local honey, preserves, sodas made from locally farmed fruit, and an assortment of snacks and salads on the streets of downtown Vancouver and New Westminster.

This micro farmers’ market is the result of a partnership between the good people at Re-Up BBQ (who’s food cart at the Vancouver Art Gallery was taken out of commission by a bus, and has been sorely missed ever since) and FarmCity Co-op, a collective of small scale urban farmers across Metro Vancouver.

“FarmCity Fresh Cart is an innovative, grassroots means of nurturing and growing a network that links urban farms with local restaurants and consumers,” said Re-Up BBQ co-partner Lindsay Kaisaris in a press release this week. “We’re excited for the collaboration that the Fresh Cart brings. We’re able to pool crucial resources to help generate profits and exposure for local farmers and small businesses that may not have had the same opportunity on their own.”

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