VANCOUVER, CANADA – Only about five years ago, Vancouver’s street food scene was little more than several corner hot dog stands, here and there. But now, the city has more than 130 licensed food trucks that are changing the business model by bringing fine dining out onto the streets, and changing the way that Vancouverites discover and enjoy food.

The owner of Super Thai food truck Chu Chu was at one of the city’s annual food truck festivals, featuring Vancouver’s best restaurants on wheels. Some of these trucks can cost more than 150,000 Canadian dollars (about 123,000 US dollars) to equip. But business is booming.

She said food trucks are less complicated than restaurants and her truck has everything she needs to serve 50 meals an hour.

Her food truck is among a growing fleet on Vancouver’s streets as part of the city’s emerging street food culture.

“I love cooking and also for me I think food truck is very interesting. You can move around. Restaurant (is) like, people have to go to you, but food truck you go to them. You have to see many different places,” said Chu Chu beside her food truck on Sunday.

The city of Vancouver charges food truck operators an annual operating fee of 1,100 dollars (approximately 900 US dollars). They also need a business license and a health permit. Since 2010, the city has been licensing dozens of new food trucks a year.

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