LAS VEGAS, NV – Lunchtime at the Clark County courthouse. The crowd pours down the steps and into the midday sunlight. Courthouse regulars in power suits and laminated badges step with purpose toward their dining destinations. But their bewildered clients, who don’t spend much time at the Regional Justice Center, helplessly scan the glass walls of the office tower across the street, searching for food.


Carefree Catering regularly parks outside the courthouse. PHOTO: JEFERSON APPLEGATE

Their collective eyes settle on three options near the corner of Third Street and Lewis Avenue: a hot dog cart, the Courthouse Bar & Grill and the Carefree Catering food truck. A crowd begins to migrate to the food truck. As business picks up, a sizzling hiss rises from the mobile kitchen. The smells of cooking meat, cheese and spice spill out of the windows, where orders are taken and delivered.

Bob and Tammy Meyers are at the courthouse on business. They ordered lunch from the food truck, bypassing the restaurant and the hot dog cart. Why did they choose the food truck?

“Just look around,” Tammy says. “There are no restaurants.”

Her statement isn’t entirely true, but the area outside the courthouse certainly isn’t brimming with eateries, and the Courthouse Bar & Grill is pretty easy to miss, as is the Capriotti’s sandwich shop in the courthouse basement.

“It’s fast, easy and quick,” Bob Meyers adds. “And it’s the first thing we saw.”

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