las_vegas_city_hallLAS VEGAS, NV – Food truck vendors looking for a safe space to set up shop along the streets of downtown Las Vegas should motor over to City Hall by July 22 to apply for a new pilot program being launched by the city.

The program will set up three dedicated parking spaces for food trucks in downtown Las Vegas — one by the Regional Justice Center, another by City Hall and a third near the Bonneville Transit Center.

Food trucks offering their takes on everything from cheeseburgers to pizza to barbecue have proliferated downtown in recent years. But outside of planned, permitted events, finding space to operate the trucks legally downtown is a challenge.

In October, the city passed an ordinance prohibiting food trucks from selling food within 150 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant. In addition to the restaurant buffer, trucks are allowed to park at city parking meters for only half an hour at a time, even though it often takes them that much time to set up for the lunch rush.

The new parking spaces set aside under the city’s pilot program would only be available to food trucks and will be rented for $5 per hour.

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