WAYNESBORO, VA – Many area food trucks have started to steer clear of Waynesboro due to its high peddler’s fee.

Food truck owners are required by Virginia Code to pay a peddler’s fee, which is a different type of business license for a more mobile venture. Food trucks are also required to charge for meals tax.

Whitney Matthews, the owner and chef for the food truck The SpiceSea Gourmet, first ran into the peddler’s fee problem a year ago when Seven Arrows Brewing Company had contacted her about setting up there.

“The owners were very specific in telling me that they were located in Augusta County and not in the City of Waynesboro,” she said. “I looked into the permits for the city and saw the fee was $500. To me, that’s outrageous and says that the city does not welcome food trucks or the revenue stream they can bring to the city. I see no justification for such a high price.”

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